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Tropical Treats: Indian Ocean VS Caribbean


The Indian Ocean and the Caribbean are home to some of the most stunning destinations this world has to offer, and often rival each other for picturesque beach holidays with a difference. Popular Indian Ocean destinations include the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles for their secluded, white sandy beaches and high-end resorts, where the Caribbean islands offer a charismatic charm, relaxing atmosphere, and exciting history.

We’ve given ourselves the tricky task of picking two worthy destinations from the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean and putting them head-to-head…both of which offer a tropical paradise. Which one will come out victorious? We’ll let you decide!


The Seychelles is hard to beat when it comes to beautiful beaches; not only does it have the powder- white sandy beaches lapped by dazzling, clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, but they’re dotted with coconut palms and gorgeous granite rock formations which differentiates it from its neighbouring destinations. Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue (one of the three main islands) is one of the most sought-after beaches – which, in addition to the beautiful scenery, has clear-bottom kayak rentals for a relaxing glide on the water. For those who like to explore, take a hike to the Romeo & Juliet viewpoint and hire a bicycle (the most popular mode of transport) to see all that the island has to offer.

Made up from an archipelago of 115 islands offering miles of sandy white beaches, lush wilderness, an abundance of colourful coral reefs, vivid and rare wildlife and high- end, luxury accommodation, the Seychelles is the stuff of dreams! If you’re looking for an extra special getaway and with your own slice of heaven, there are a number of private islands in the Seychelles offering a secluded experience. North Island Seychelles is renowned for being a honeymoon destination, with just 11 incredible villas. Another favourite is Félicité island, perfectly placed just a short speedboat ride from neighbouring Praslin and La Digue, which features just one resort : Six Senses Zil Pasyon. The barefoot luxury resort brings you back to nature and is home to a world-class spa, chic villas and views that will never fail to disappoint.

Whilst these luxury resorts will come with a hefty price tag, the service and value included is impressive; with complimentary water spots, guided tours, your own infinity pool, and tailor-made menus designed with you in mind – this takes luxury island retreat to a whole new level.


Travel to the Seychelles in April, May, October, or November where the weather is at its best. December to March can experience heavy winds, but accommodation prices are likely to be lower.


Whilst the Seychelles may be home to unique rock formations on its beaches, Barbados offers a ton of variety! Find unique pink sand at Crane Beach, ride the waves, and enjoy some surf at Bathsheba Beach or, for those who enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving, the Carlisle Bay can’t be missed, where you’ll also find shipwrecks and marine life – anything from adorable seahorses and bizarre frogfish to moray eels and majestic manta rays. With over 80 beaches, there’s one that will cater to everyone in Barbados. But it doesn’t stop there…

Bridgetown’s an essential visit for history buffs; its stunning British colonial architecture and UNESCO World Heritage status will impress – and for those who’d like to try some of the local flavours, take a ride on the steam railway for local rum tasting experiences with a view. There are four famous rum distilleries on the island, including the prestigious Mount Gay Rum Distillery which shouldn’t be missed.

Nature lovers have plenty of choice and can choose to visit Harrison’s Cave, a dramatic crystallised limestone cave, by tram, as well as get the adrenaline pumping at the eco-adventure park which features a 14-element challenge course, including ziplining over nature trails and more! Hunte’s Gardens is also worthy of a visit and full to the brim with colourful flowers and extraordinary birds and animals.

Tear yourself away from your all-inclusive resort on a Friday or Saturday evening for a taster of mahi-mahi at Oistins Fish Fry. Mix in with the locals whilst here and appreciate the traditional Caribbean music, shop for locally made souvenirs or simply people watch and take in the culture.


July through to November would be considered low season, where prices will be more affordable and you’ll likely bag more for your money and have a higher chance for room upgrades. However Caribbean destinations are famed for their fantastic all- inclusive offerings, meaning that once you arrive you can sit back, relax…and enjoy!

Which will you choose? We’re glad it’s you and not us that has to make that decision! Both destinations are a special treat with beautiful beaches, relaxation, culture in addition to a top-notch service. Whether you’ve made your decision or would like to know

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