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Around The World With Baldwins Travel

Established in 1895, just two decades after Jules Verne introduced us to the daring adventurer Phileas Fogg, Baldwins Travel has been navigating the world of travel for over a century. As the world has grown faster and more connected, so have we. Today, we’re proud to present ‘Around the Globe in 60 Days’, a captivating exploration of our beautiful world, one continent at a time. 

In a homage to Fogg’s iconic journey and the evolution of travel, this is a turn-of-year ‘peaks campaign’ that takes the classic adventure of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and speeds it up for the modern age. Starting on 27th December 2023, we’ll embark on a 60-day journey that showcases our rich heritage, expert knowledge, and the thrill of contemporary travel.

From land to sea, we will invite you to join us on this adventure across all our media platforms and through immersive in-store displays in our nine branches. Each week in rotation, our shops will be a gateway to a different part of the world, bringing the global adventure right to the doorstep. This expedition is more than just a campaign—a celebration of the enduring spirit of exploration at the heart of Baldwins Travel since our inception.

Thank you for visiting this page. The Competition has now CLOSED. Winners will be notified by Friday 8th March 2024